After AC Installation

Texas weather can be very hot, or sometimes very cold and these can wreak havoc on air conditioning systems and cause you to have AC repairs.

In Houston for instance, it is not uncommon to see temperatures reach 100 degrees in July. It is therefore important to ensure your AC unit is ready for the rigors of the summer or the cold days of winter.

Not sure if you are ready for the seasons? No worries, the experts at Alpha 4 Real AC & Heating Service are available 24 hours to maintain your system or fix them if they break down.

The ideal situation is to have a yearly AC maintenance agreement where we come out on a regular schedule and maintain your AC system so you don’t even have to worry about breakdowns. Call us today at 281-347-7325 or request your AC service today.

Here are common AC repairs you can expect throughout the year if you are a homeowner in Texas.

  1. Leaks in Ductwork
  2. Low Refrigerant levels
  3. Improperly installed or calibrated Thermostat
  4. Bad AC compressor
  5. Clogged AC Drain

Fixing Leaks in the Ductwork

The work of the ductwork is to move cold air from the inside AC unit and push it into your space through the air vents.

Holes or breaks in the ductwork can occur if the AC wasn’t installed correctly or if the ducts are damaged by rodents or knocked out of place during a remodeling project. If the ducts are leaky, the conditioned air will escape before it reaches the inside of your home.

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Damaged joints or crushed ductwork call for a replacement and fixing faulty ductwork is one of the most common repairs air conditioning technicians handle.

Replenishing the Refrigerant

An AC refrigerant or coolant is the chemical that absorbs heat from the indoor air thus cooling it. The lines and connections holding the refrigerant can degrade and cause the coolant to leak.

Leaking refrigerants is one of the most serious air conditioning issues. Insufficient coolant levels result in uneven cooling, low energy efficiency, and increased power consumption and can damage the compressor.

As problems with the refrigerant should be fixed by an AC professional, leaking or low refrigerant level is a leading reason for calling an AC emergency repair service.

Improperly installed or calibrated Thermostat

It is important to hire a trained and experienced AC repair technician when you install a new Thermostat. The Thermostat controls the operation of your air conditioner. It is the brain of the system telling it when to come on and when it is time to shut off.

When your Thermostat is installed incorrectly it will not do its job correctly causing you to incur unnecessary expenses.

Do it right the first time and you will have nothing to worry about.

Bad AC Compressor

Your AC compressor holds the AC refrigerant that helps cool your home. When your compressor goes bad, you lose coolant and your system will stop working. It is important to ensure that your Compressor is working optimally. This allows your system to work as intended and cool your home.

It is best to have a trained AC repair technician replace your compressor. Trying to replace your AC Compressor yourself may not be smart unless you have the experience to do so as you could damage your whole unit is your Compressor is not installed correctly.

Clogged AC Drain

If you notice water dripping from your ceiling, it’s probably coming from your AC unit upstairs and the culprit is a dirty and clogged drain.

An experienced AC repair technician has the tools and skill to quickly unclog the drain and examine your entire AC system to ensure the cause of the clog is repaired.

Just because you have unclogged your drain does not mean it will not happen again until you get to the root cause of the clog in the first place and repair it. If you fail to do so, you will experience the clogging again in the near future.

If you need help with your AC in Houston, Katy, Missouri City, Pearland, Sealy, Richmond, Rosenberg, or other nearby cities, call the experts at Alpha 4 Real AC Repair and Heating 24-hours at 281-347-7325 or request your AC service today.