Extend your A/C Compressor’s life with quality 5-2-1 Compressor Saver

5-2-1 Compressor Saver

5-2-1 Air Conditioning Compressor Saver is a device designed to reduce the time it takes your AC Compressor to start. They also reduce the stress on the Compressor when it starts.

Air conditioner compressors with 5-2-1 Compressor Saver start an average 50% faster and use less energy than those without the device. They are also under less stress during start up thereby prolonging their lives.

Why you need the 5-2-1 AC Compressor Saver

The air conditioning compressor in your home consumes more power during start up and is under more pressure. With the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver installed, the pressure is lessened and the amount of power needed to start is less.

The most stressful time for most electrical components in the home including the air conditioning system is during start up. Light bulbs will typically burn out when power is applied during start up than after the light has been burning for a while. This is because a huge amount of power is applied at the beginning and this may overload the circuit causing a burn out.

5-2-1 prolongs your AC Compressor’s life

The 5-2-1 Compressor Saver, when installed, shortens the time it takes your air conditioning compressor to start and the amount of power it needs to start by up to 50%. This means that your air conditioning compressor bears half the amount of heat and stress during start up. Consider that your AC may start up to 7000 times during the year. That is a huge amount of stress you are saving your AC Compressor from.

Lower your monthly AC and electricity bill

By installing the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver, you can save up to 30-50% on your AC bill every month. There are two reasons for this.

Because it reduces the amount of time it takes your compressor to start and the stress on your compressor, the compressor uses less energy at start up. By protecting your compressor’s run capacitor, it also helps lower your bill.

The run capacitor is the heart of your AC compressor and any protection you can give it helps prolong the life of your compressor and lowers your electricity bills. The run capacitor bears the full force of the stress and electrical heat during start up without the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver.

Over time, your AC compressor wears down. A worn down compressor may continue to work but requires more electrical energy to start thus increasing the pressure and cost of electricity every month.

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