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Heating and HVAC Service: Katy, TX AC Heating Service

Our Katy, TX heating (HVAC) and Furnace repair technicians are prepared for any type of residential and commercial heating repair and service, whether your furnace is electric, gas, duel fuel, heat pump, oil or a boiler.

We have all the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time. Think of the repair process as though our technician were skilled doctor, working tirelessly to diagnose and provide the proper prescription for your home’s comfort problem.

Your Katy, TX Heating Service and HVAC Repair Specialists

Your Furnace went out (again). We might be the last people you want to talk to, but in a situation like this, Alpha 4 Real A/C & Heating Service should be your very first call 281-347-7325 in Katy, Houston, Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg, Pearland and Missouri City.

We are your Katy, TX heating pros.

AC Repair - Katy, Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, TXIt doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning or late at night – our certified technicians are here for you 24/7/365. We’ll be there in a jiffy and get the job done right and fast – so you can get back to your life and not have to worry about needing another furnace repair anytime soon.

Get to Know Your Furnace and AC System

Furnaces and air conditioners are complex mechanical systems that depend on a wide variety of conditions to work correctly. They are sized to meet a certain “load” on the house. They are designed to have certain amount of refrigerant, known as the “charge”. They are designed to have a certain amount of air flow across the coils. When any of these things changes, the system will have problems.

When to Call Your Heating (HVAC) Service Company

You should call your heating (HVAC) service company if you notice any of the following

  • If you notice a strong gas smell, call your heating (HVAC) experts right away
  • If your furnace isn’t running, check the emergency shut off and your breaker
  • If your furnace is blowing cold air
  • If your Furnace is blowing worm air

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