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Attic Ventilation provides conditions that allow air to flow though out the home of office.

Every time, stale, overheated air in your home or attic is vented out and fresh air is pulled in to replace it, you have what is known as an “air exchange” but ventilation is much more than a simple breeze blowing through your house.

At first it may seem odd to add insulation for warmth and then purposely allow cold air to enter the Attic through vents, but this combination is the key to a durable and energy-efficient homes.

Most Attic are choking due to heat and lack of ventilation, if your Attic could talk? It will cry for help.

Solar Ventilation Fans

Solar Ventilation Fans

Common Types of Attic Ventilation

Solar Ventilation Fans are very helpful in drawing hot air out of the attic in the summer months and moisture out of the attic in winter months.

Solar ventilation are so popular because they run on sun light, unlike the power vents which run on electricity and increase your energy bill.

Benefits of Proper Attic Ventilation

1. Attic Ventilation keeps the attic cool in the summer time and keeps the attic dry in the winter.
2. Proper attic ventilation enhances the performance of your insulation
3. Proper attic ventilation extends the life and efficiency of your air conditioning system
4. Proper attic ventilation saves you more money on energy bills.

Most people think that if the attic is sealed tightly from outside air, this would create the most energy-efficient attic, however, exactly the opposite is so true.

In order to ensure that you have an Energy Saving Attic — proper airing is essential. Alpha 4 Real A/C & Heating uses soffit vents and ridge vents to pull air through the attic.

By doing so this will creates natural convection, pulling air out of the attic via the ridge vents and solar fans, which in turn brings in fresh air from the outside through the soffits.

This continuous movement of air requires no moving parts or energy. During the hot summer months, proper airing prevents heat build-up in the attic, thus reducing the stress on Air Conditioning system.

During the winter months it’s important to remove the warm air, moist air generated by showers and cooking vents, etc… And recycle the air.

If this system is not working or is not properly installed, it can cause the air to stop, potentially trapping poor quality air in the attic and causing extensive damage to the roof and insulation over time.

Proper attic ventilation contributes to the performance of radiant barrier installation, form insulation, attic insulation, wall insulation and ventilation. The results are added comfort in all seasons, reduced energy consumption throughout the year, and the prevention of damage to your home.

Not sure which system you need? Give us a call at Alpha 4 Real A/C & Heating and one of our energy efficiency experts will come out and give you an assessment.

Solar Powered Ventilation: Solar-powered attic ventilation forcefully draw heat out of the attic; they help to draw out hot air in the summer and moisture in the winter providing powerful ventilation.

Power Vents

Power Vents

Although, the most popular choice for most of our customers are solar vents, we do offer power vents as well.

Power Vents
Power vents are attic fans that are installed on the roof to help draw hot air out of the attic and further cool your house on hot days. Power vents have built in thermostats that automatically turn the fan on when the temperature gets too hot.

Benefits of solar powered vents:

  • Free to Operate. Runs on sunlight
  • Reduces heat load On your A/C unit
  • Works year round removing heat and excess moisture
  • Maximizes indoor air quality
  • Wind, hail, and impact resistant
  • Can lower attic temperature by 40 degrees
  • Extends the life of your HVAC unit
  • Available in 20, 25, 40, and 60 watt models for both residential and commercial applications
  • The only residential LIFETIME WARRANTY offered by any solar attic fan manufacturer


Soffits are installed under the eaves of the house and let cool air into the attic. The force of air into the attic allows the hot air in the attic to be drawn out by attic vents (i.e. power vents, solar vents, attic fans ridge vents,) therefore you have consistent air circulation in the attic.

Attic Tent:

Attic TentAttic Tent

This Tent is unique because it deals with one main problem “Infiltration and Air Loss” it also helps with the efficiency of your HVAC system. This Tent works perfectly for a person whose attic stairs does not seal or close properly.

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