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Houston Indoor AC Monitoring and UpgradeWe are Houston Indoor Air Quality Specialists. In Houston, you want to breathe clean air. Who wants to breathe dirty, contaminated air in their home? You can protect and improve the quality of the indoor air in your home and business by installing indoor air quality products. A clean heating and cooling system operates more efficiently than a dusty, dirty system. humidifiers help add moisture, ventilators exchange fresh air with stale indoor air, electronic or media air filters will clean and remove indoor air contaminants, and ultraviolet lights eliminate germs and bacteria from your indoor air. No matter what problems you have with indoor air, Alpha 4 real offers the long lasting solution. All Alpha 4 Real products are covered by industry leading warranty coverage.

Quality Houston Electronic Air Filters

The Electronic Filter has been tested to have a 99+% Kill Rate on H1N1 Swine Flu.
Alpha 4 real recommends installing Electronic filter, because it does not need the pollutants to travel to the air handler or furnace for UV treatment or filtration. Electronic air filter is proactive and sends ionized aggressive advanced oxidizers into the room to destroy the pollutants at the source, in the air and on surfaces, before they can reach your family, clients or employees.

How it works…

Electronic Air Filter is installed as part of your home’s central heating and cooling system completely out of your way and out-of-sight. That means each and every time your system runs, the electronic Air produces naturally occurring oxidizers that travel through the conditioned air space in your home or office and kills bacteria, viruses, mold, gases and odors.

The standard air cleaners on the market have filters that are very dense. Meaning they try to stop the dust by trapping it in a slightly porous filter. The fewer the pores the more dust it can trap. However, this not only stops the dust and dirt, but it also stops the air from moving as well. In other words, the amount of air that goes through your system is reduced so you may not be as comfortable. Less air is cleaned efficiently. This is called pressure drop. The revolutionary Trane Clean Effects air filtration system has the lowest pressure drop with the highest efficiency possible. Our unique patented technology is designed to let air flow freely through the most advanced filtration system available. The result, more of your air is cleaned faster and more effectively than anything else on the market.

Houston Indoor AC Monitoring and Upgrade

Indoor Air Quality monitoring and upgrade in Sugar Land, Katy, Houston TX

Trane Clean Effects utilizes patented, breakthrough air cleaning technology to remove up to an astounding 99.98% of airborne allergens from the air that passes through the filter, making it 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA room filters and up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1″ filter. What’s more, Trane Clean Effects has been performance-tested by LMS Technologies and Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EH&E), with the results verified by professors from the Harvard School of Public Health, so you know you’re getting an air filtration system
like no other.

LMS Technologies is a technology consulting company that specializes in air flow measurement, filtration testing and particle analysis. Environmental Health & Engineering is an environmental consulting and engineering services company that is dedicated to ensuring safe and productive environments, and is co-founded by John D. Spengler, PhD of the Department of Environmental Health at Harvard

  • Removal of up to 99.98% of particles and allergens from your filtered indoor air. It removes particles as small as .1 microns – 1/1,000th the diameter of a human hair – a size that eludes most air cleaners
  • An industry-leading clean air delivery rate of 1,200
  • Low operating costs, with no replacement filters to buy
  • Cleaning indicators easily visible on the outside of the unit
  • Easy to clean filters—just vacuum or rinse once every 3 to 9 months (depending on usage)
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Trane Clean Effects was designed to fall well below the 50 parts per billion (ppb) FDA voluntary emission limit for medical devices. Trane Clean Effects contributes a negligible amount of ozone – less than .3 ppb to the living space
  • To put this into perspective further, typical ozone levels during the summer outdoors are at about 60 to 90 ppb, and indoor levels can vary greatly but are typically between 12 ppb to more than 80 ppb. Testing of Trane Clean Effects by third parties has shown there’s no more ozone in a home installed with Trane Clean Effects than naturally occurs in the environment
  • Trane Clean Effects is the industry benchmark supported and verified by third parties who make it their business to know about clean air. Experts from LMS Technologies, EH&E, Harvard School of Public Health and other major university research shows Trane Clean Effects to be the best air filtration system on the market

UVX Ultraviolet Air and Object Purifiers

UVX Ultraviolet Air and Object PurifiersUVX Ultraviolet Air and Object Purifiers

Whole House High-Capacity Outstanding Warranty Protection. All functional parts are covered by a 3-Year Limited Warranty.

Product Features

  • Destroys Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC)
  • One of the Most Effective UV Air Purification System Available
  • Large, High-Intensity UVC/UVV 19mm, Quartz Dual Zone Lamp
  • In-Duct Installation for Whole-House Purification
  • LED Smart Lamp System show when the Bulb and Ballast are Operating

The UVX Ultraviolet and Object Purifiers are ideal for offices, lounges, smoking rooms, day care centers, residential homes, and any location where clean air is desirable. Units also feature the ultra-bright LED “Smart Lamp System” visual operating display.

Living with Bad Air in Katy, TX?

Indoor AC Monitoring and UpgradeIndoor AC Monitoring and Upgrade

Poor indoor air quality and how it affects you.

Don’t live with poor indoor air quality in Sugar Land or Pearland.

Does your home seem unusually dusty? Stuffed because of poor indoor air quality? Are you constantly fighting off the sniffles? Are your kids getting to much allergies? These are just a few possible signs of the impact Bad Air can have in your home. Poor air quality can affect your family’s health, your comfort, and it can even damage your home.

Your health

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, approximately 50% of illnesses are either caused or aggravated by bad air inside the home or business. What’s “Bad” are airborne pollutants and moisture imbalances that can seriously jeopardize your family’s health, employee and well being.

Biological Contaminants: – (1) Dirt’s (2) Pollen (3) Mold (4) Bacteria (5) Dust (6) Pet.
These are all Biological contaminants and can trigger allergies such as Asthma or all other respiratory problems that may lead you to the hospital.

Vapors: – Sours like cleaning supplies, paints, perfumes, smoking, cooking fumes, and pets can trigger fatigue, headaches and all kind of allergic reactions.
Humidity: – can cause dry skin, sore throats and increase the risk of infections and respiratory issues.

Your comfort

Moisture imbalances are a chief culprit in the battle against bad air. Too much moisture or too little moisture in your home can have a big impact on the way you feel.

If the Humidity level in your home is too high, the air feels sticky, moist and warmer than the actual temperature. You find yourself lowering the thermostat, making the air conditioner work overtime in an attempt to feel more comfortable.

If the Humidity level is too low, the air feels cooler than the actual temperature. You’re more likely to feel tired and achy, have itchy skin and get zapped by annoying static electricity.

Home or Business

Bad air quality can really spoil things after spending so much time and energy making your home or business into a perfect home. Once again, moisture is the biggest problem.

Too much moisture in the air can cause Mold and mildew damage to nearly any surface, including walls, furniture, carpeting and drapes. In fact, all your valuables need protection from excessive Humidity.
Improving indoor air quality

There’s no place—and no feeling—like a healthy home. It’s where you can relax in perfect comfort, without thinking twice about breathing in pollutants like Mold, Bacteria or chemicals.

So how can you make your home healthy? The first step is to learn about potential issues. Once you’ve become more informed about indoor air quality and its impacts, you can take action to get rid of the problem.

Steps you can take

There are many things you can do to improve the quality and comfort of the air inside your home. Key among them include:

  • Keep your furnace, air conditioner and humidifier well maintained by doing your annual maintenance check up regularly
  • Use nontoxic paints, cleaning supplies and other household products whenever possible
  • Make sure your home is adequately ventilated
  • Turn on your air conditioner and/or dehumidifier during summer months, and use the “auto fan” setting to reduce humidity and save energy
  • Keep relative humidity within a range of 30% and 60%
  • Repair leaks in your roof or plumbing within 48 hours

How Alpha4Real AC and Heating trained Tech’s can help

Professional comfort-system inspection

Alpha 4 real A/C & heating can conduct a thorough cleaning and inspection of your forced-air comfort system to make sure it’s running properly. They will also seal any leaks in your ducts system

Advanced comforts systems

Alpha 4 real AC and Heating offers a full selection of high-performance heating and cooling systems that work to minimize up-and-down temperature changes, and keep Hot and Cold in check.

Healthy Climate® Solutions

From industry-leading air purification to high-efficiency filtration, Alpha 4 Real gives you a variety of innovative options for getting rid of bad air in your home—all without producing ozone, a lung irritant that can cause shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing.*

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