Air Conditioning Maintenance Katy TX

By Brenda Ashaka
Alpha 4 Real AC Repair & Service, Katy, TX

You have an air conditioning system in your home but what would you do if it suddenly stops working? Do you know how to do simple maintenance to keep it working longer? What is that clanging sound you hear coming from your AC unit?

Below are maintenance resources we believe will help you understand your air conditioning unit and how to maintain the system so it lasts years.

U.S. Energy Dept Energy Saver
Learn everything you need to know about AC maintenance from the U.S. government. Learn about Ac coils, AC filters, Coil Fins, Condensate drains, and how to prepare your air conditioning unit for winter season.

Trane – AC Maintenance Routine Tips for Homeowners
Learn why you should regularly maintain your AC unit. Hint – it can save you loads of cash annually. Understand how to keep your AC unit working optimally, how to clean your AC unit properly and how to know if your air conditioner is properly ventilated.

Also, when we talk about AC maintenance, do you really know what those entails? What should you check? What should you clean? How often should you clean them? Should you use chemicals or not? Get all the details from Trane’s AC maintenance routine tips from homeowners.

Energy Star Complete Maintenance Checklist
Learn what you should include in your typical AC maintenance checklist. Things like checking your thermostat, how to tighten all electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, cleaning the evaporator, inspecting, cleaning, or changing filters. Learn the parts of the AC unit you can clean or maintain as the homeowner and the parts that may require a trained and experienced AC maintenance specialist to maintain to avoid putting yourself and your family in danger.

IAQA’s Why AC Maintenance is Essential
What if by spending a little bit of money right now you could save your family a load of cash down the road? Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) has detailed why you should regularly maintain your air conditioning and heating system. Learn how properly maintaining your AC can help improve your comfort, save you money, keep your home safer, and help the environment.

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