Annual Maintenance Agreement for AC Repair

Your heating and air conditioning system is designed to work problem free for many years. Sooner or later, they will break down if you fail to maintain or service them.

Most Houston area home and business owners know this. The question we get asked often these days as we prepare for the arrival of summer hear or winter chills is how to know when it is time or the best time to service A/C or heating systems.

Most cooling and heating service professionals will tell you that annual maintenance is the best way to keep your system functioning optimally. Call a professional to service your home or commercial A/C or heating system if you notice any of the following.

1. Decreased air flow

Call a heating or cooling professional if you notice a decrease in air flow coming from your vents. This could mean a blockage in the ducts or a bigger problem with your system. Only a trained specialist will be able to fully diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate fix.

2. Strange noises from your AC or heater

Hearing strange noises coming from your heater when you turn it on can be alarming but it may actually be a minor problem that can be easily fixed.

3. Foul or mold odors from your heater

Foul or mold odor could indicate the presence of gas in the system. This may occur if the system has not been used or turned on for a while. Call an expert immediately if you perceive foul or mold odor. Gas buildup in the system can be hazardous to your and your family’s health.

4. Unusual cycling by AC system

Have a repair specialist inspect your unit if you notice unusual cycling of the unit. Unusual cycling of the heater or air conditioner may happen when the unit comes on and off more frequently than usual.

5. Frequent tripping of fuses

Frequent tripping of air conditioning and heater fuses might indicate heavier load than usual. It is not normal to have frequent fuse trips in the electrical panel. Have the system inspected immediately.

6. Ice on the pipes or condenser

Ice on the pipe or condenser can stop the system from working properly when turned on. Also burst pipes can increase the cost of replacement, maintenance or repairs.

7. Outdoor fan fails to turn on

The fan in the outside unit or condenser is designed to come on and recycle the air when the unit is turned on. If you turn on the system but the outside fan fails to begin cycling immediately, it is time to call in the professionals.